Jellyfish – Tentacle Debacle

He’s is tiny, he’s wobbly and he has enemies… help him!

Jellyfish – Tentacle Debacle drags you into a world of dreamy underwater landscapes, colorful coral reefs, dirty harbor waters and the horrors of the abyssal.

Jelly the jellyfish is small, hungry and defenseless in the big wide ocean. And he lays many, many eggs, that have to be defended. Join him in his fight for survival and help him to protect his offspring against dangerous currents, pollution and fearsome predators.

„Jellyfish –Tentacle Debacle!“ was conceived as humorous casual game and impresses with beautiful cartoon-graphics and hair-raising skill-challenges.

Join Jelly in his fight for survival: Swim with him against currents and avoid collision with baffles. Go with him on the hunt for plankton and protect him and his offspring against the monsters of the deep. Not until the circle of life is perfected and new jellyfishes greet the light of the day, our hero may continue his journey to new waters.

Enjoy a new kind of skill game with a very unique and fancy gameplay concept! Jellyfish – Tentacle Debacle is different, funny, (a bit) creepy, difficult and challenging!

  • 60 levels to play
  • Hair raising arcade challenges trough realistic water physics and gravity.
  • Help Jelly to hunt plankton and protect him and his offspring against the monsters of the deep!
  • Upgrade Jelly with additional tentacles for awesome gameplay.
  • Loot many extras and collect as many points as possible.
  • Breed more and more jellyfishes to continue your journey to new waters.

„Who would have expected, that being a spineless, gelatinous mass could be so fun?“